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Notification on RSPO Supply Chain Certification and New Tradename of Corum Peptides

Since 2019, Corum has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. With years of dedication, we now officially obtained RSPO Supply Chain Certification, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing pursuit of sustainable development.


With this notification, we confirm our anti-aging feature products, Corum Peptides, are officially RSPO MB certified, and the tradenames will be renewed to mark “MB” and remove “C-Pep”, effective as of Feb 21, 2024. The ingredients of Corum Peptides remain the same with effective functions such as stimulating collagen synthesis, promoting fibroblast proliferation, and improving the overall elasticity of the skin.

New Tradename

Previous Tradename

Nutecyl TM MB

C-PepTM Nutecyl

Nutecyl TM CC-MB

C-PepTM Nutecyl CC

Tricoll TM MB

C-PepTM Tricoll

Tricoll TM CC-MB

C-PepTM Tricoll CC

Defensyl TM MB

C-PepTM Defensyl

Defensyl TM CC-MB

C-PepTM Defensyl CC

QuintupTM MB

C-PepTM Quintup

ElastylTM MB

C-PepTM Elastyl

ElastylTM CC-MB

C-PepTM Elastyl CC


RSPO Supply Chain Certification is a global system that ensures palm oil, palm kernel oil and its derivatives are produced sustainably, without harming the environment or communities. Corum is now certified in the Mass Balance (MB) supply chain model, which on a purely administrative level monitors the trade of RSPO-certified palm oil products throughout the entire supply chain.


As a leading manufacturer of ingredients for the cosmetics industry, we are committed to using sustainable palm oil in our production processes and look forward to providing more RSPO certified products in the near future.

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