Our Focuses
Our Focuses
Corum collaborates with ELGIN to expand the impact of beach cleaning activities!

Due to thunderstorms, the beach cleaning event scheduled for April 26 was postponed to May 10, but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm.


For this beach cleaning event, Corum teamed up with Group Enterprise, ELGIN CORPORATION, mobilizing 26 colleagues to collect a total of 152.6 kilograms of marine waste, equivalent to reducing 0.314 metric tons of CO2 emissions.


Since 2022, Corum has been adopting the coastline of Zhongjiao Bay in Jinshan District, New Taipei City. We have committed to cleaning the beach twice a year and have been consistent in our efforts. We have also noticed that whenever we engage in beach cleaning, beach visitors are also willing to help, demonstrating their support for environmental conservation through practical actions.


Corum sincerely thanks every colleague who participated, including some who commuted from the central and southern parts of Taiwan on the day of the event. We appreciate your efforts in protecting the beauty and health of the ocean.


Finally, special thanks to the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Jinshan District Cleaning Team, and Zhongjiao Bay Visitor Center for their assistance.

Note: According to Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration's Taiwan Carbon Footprint Information Network, for every 1 kilogram of waste reduced (recycling 1 kilogram of resources), approximately 2.06 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

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