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Our Focuses
Corum 5089 Functional Emollient Is Now NaTrue Approved!

We are pleased to announce that our functional emollients, Corum 5089, is now NaTrue approved!


Corum 5089 (Cholesteryl Hydroxystearate) is a lipophilic raw material which is similar to intercellular lipids. Therefore, it has superior water-holding capacity for moisturizing the skin and is suitable for use in various types of skincare formulations. It serves as a skin conditioning agent, emulsifier, lipophilic thickening agent, and viscosity control agent in cosmetic products. When added to cleansing products such as facial soaps, cleansers, and body washes, Corum 5089 not only functions as a skin emollient but also enhances skin moisturization, reducing post-cleansing tightness and providing deep hydration for dry skin.


The NaTrue label represents a reliable, verifiable, and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic natural and organic raw materials, as well as beauty products. The type of ingredients, processing methods, and overall composition of Corum 5089 are authenticated as 100% natural in the NaTrue Standard, guaranteeing that Corum 5089 is a truly sustainable natural ingredient.


Corum will continue to pursue high quality standards in selecting natural origins and assuring the green chemistry processing, bringing you a more sustainable and reliable active ingredient.

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