Our Focuses
A leading ingredient manufacturer in Taiwan to the cosmetics, personal care, household and pharmaceutical industry, has built its reputation on innovation, quality, sustainability and customer service.

Established in 1987, CORUM Inc. has developed more than 27 patented ingredients and applications. Our unique product portfolio consists of anti-aging peptides, all round protective vitamin C derivative, specialty ingredients (cooling agents), anti-dandruff active, anti-hair loss active, anti-acne active, glutamate surfactants and moisturizing esters.

The products are sustained by on-going research and clinical testing, as well as, highest standard in efficacy and quality control. Because of this, today we can offer a full range of extraordinary products and services.

Corum’s Sustainable Development Strategy

The 4C policy of corporate sustainability management

Corporate growth should go hand in hand with sustainable management; hence Corum aims to realize the ultimate goal of corporate sustainability by protecting the natural environment and people's welfare. To achieve this goal, we have incorporated environmental and sustainable management into our business operations and stipulated the 4C management policy that includes Collaborative Supplier Management, Conscious Environmental Protection, Caring for Labor Rights, and Corporate Social Engagement to conduct communication management and ongoing improvement. We are dedicated to improving energy-saving efficiency, environmental protection, and the creation of social values by constantly promoting green chemistry manufacturing and a green supply chain in the pursuit of co-prosperity for the Company and the environment.

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